How to Make AI Song Covers: Best Tools in 2024

how to make ai song covers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed various industries, and music is no exception. Music publishers play a crucial role in the music industry, as they are responsible for licensing and distributing music on behalf of songwriters and composers.

With advancements in AI technology, it’s now possible to create cover songs entirely generated by AI algorithms. This generators let you make an ai cover sounding like artists such as Taylor Swift.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the process of making AI song covers, explore the tools and software available, discuss tips for achieving quality results, and address the legal and ethical considerations surrounding AI-generated music.

How to Make AI Song Covers – Create AI Cover Songs


AI song covers refer to musical compositions produced by artificial intelligence systems. These ai cover songs can range from creating cover songs of famous singers to generating entirely new compositions inspired by human-made music.

Simply input song title, and you can generate your own AI covers anytime, anywhere.

List of The Best AI Cover Songs Tools

Fineshare Singify


Fineshare Singify is an innovative music lovers platform that harnesses AI technology to revolutionize ai cover songs, content creation, distribution, and collaboration.

music creation

It offers AI cover song generation tools, facilitates global collaboration among artists, provides licensing and distribution services, and offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences.

Use this cover song generator to transform any voice in your music.

voice models

The platform also fosters community engagement, provides data analytics and insights for artists, and aims to empower creators in navigating the music industry landscape.

new models

Musicfy’s AI Voice Song Generator


Musicfy’s AI Voice Song Generator is a groundbreaking tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to produce cover songs with own voice-generated melodies.


This cover song generator platform allows users to create ai covers unique compositions by inputting lyrics or text, which the AI cover song algorithm then transforms into melodious tunes sung by virtual voices.


With Musicfy’s AI Voice Song Generator, users can unleash their creativity, their own vocals, experiment with different lyrical ideas, and produce professional-quality songs without the need for musical expertise or vocal talent.

You can create AI Music with your own singing voice models.

The platform’s intuitive interface and customizable options make it accessible to users of all skill levels, enabling them to explore their musical ideas and express themselves through captivating melodies.

ai voice

Whether for personal enjoyment, artistic expression, or commercial projects, Musicfy’s AI Voice Song Generator offers a versatile and inspiring tool for music creation.



LANDR is an innovative platform that offers AI cover song audio mastering and music production tools to musicians, producers, and audio engineers.


This cutting-edge service utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze and enhance audio recordings, ensuring professional-quality results with minimal effort.


With LANDR, users can upload their tracks, whether individual songs or entire albums, and receive expert mastering and mixing services tailored to their specific needs.

ai song

The platform’s intuitive interface and automated processes make it accessible to musicians of all skill levels, empowering them to achieve polished, studio-quality sound without the need for expensive equipment or extensive technical knowledge.

Additionally, LANDR offers a range of additional features, including distribution services, collaboration tools, and educational resources, to support artists in every stage of their musical journey.

landr studio

Whether for hobbyists, independent musicians, or established professionals, LANDR provides a comprehensive suite of tools and services to help creators bring their musical vision to life.

mediaio is a versatile online platform designed to cater to the diverse needs of users seeking audio and video conversion solutions.

Media offers a perfect solution for creating AI cover songs at no cost over the internet.

Whether you’re a musician like such as Taylor Swift, filmmaker, content creator, or simply someone who frequently works with digital media files, offers a comprehensive suite of ai sing tools to simplify the process of converting files between various formats.

voice model

One of the standout features of is its ability to convert audio files to a wide range of formats, including MP3, WAV, AAC, and more.

Whether you need to convert a high-quality WAV file to a compressed MP3 format for easy sharing or vice versa, provides a seamless solution.

Additionally, the platform allows users to compress audio files without compromising on quality, making it ideal for reducing music file’ sizes while maintaining audio fidelity.

ai song cover

In addition to audio conversion, also offers robust video conversion capabilities. Users can easily convert video files to different formats, ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

Furthermore, enables users to extract audio from video files, providing added flexibility and convenience for multimedia projects.

What sets apart is its user-friendly interface and fast processing speed. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced user, the platform’s intuitive design makes file conversion quick and effortless.


With just a few simple steps, you can convert your singing voice or video files with ease, saving time and effort in the process.

Whether you’re converting audio files for a music project, preparing video content for online distribution, or simply organizing your digital media library, offers a convenient and reliable solution.

new life

Its versatility, efficiency, and ease of use make it a valuable tool for anyone working with digital audio and video files. It is also available as Free AI Voice Generator.


copyright owner

Jammable revolutionizes collaborative ai music-making by offering a virtual space for real-time jam sessions, regardless of location.

copyright law

Its key feature synchronizes audio and video feeds, facilitating seamless collaboration among musicians worldwide.

machine learning algorithms

With a variety of virtual instruments and built-in effects, users can craft unique sounds and experiment with different musical styles.

synchronization license
deep dive

Jammable’s user-friendly interface welcomes musicians of all skill levels, ensuring an enjoyable jamming experience for everyone.

Overall, Jammable fosters connections and creative collaborations, transcending geographical boundaries to unite musicians in a vibrant global music community.


mechanical license

Soundraw is a user-friendly platform that uses advanced AI cover song to help musicians and content creators generate custom music data effortlessly.

machine learning

With a wide range of musical styles and customizable options, users can quickly create professional-quality compositions tailored to their needs.

favorite voices

Soundraw’s AI-driven composition engine analyzes input parameters in real-time, allowing users to produce high-quality music without extensive musical expertise.

new music

The platform also offers various licensing options for legal use in commercial projects and integrates seamlessly with popular music production software.

cartoon character

Overall, Soundraw democratizes the music creation process, making it accessible to all users regardless of their level of experience. Take advantage of the features provided by these AI tools and create your own AI music!

AI Covers

voice models

AI Covers simplifies the creation of professional cover song artwork for music releases. It offers a vast library of customizable templates tailored for various music projects.

voice models

Users can choose from pre-designed layouts, styles, and themes, and personalize elements such as text, images, colors, and fonts.

voice models integrates with popular music distribution platforms, enabling seamless export of cover song artwork in required dimensions and formats.

The platform also supports collaborative features, allowing multiple users to work on projects simultaneously.

michael jackson

Overall, provides musicians and artists with user-friendly tools to create stunning cover song artwork that makes a lasting impression on their audience.

Loudly Text-to-Music

favorite song

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up new avenues for music creation, offering innovative tools and platforms that simplify the composition process.

Among these platforms is Loudly Text-to-Music, a cutting-edge service that transforms text into fully-produced music tracks.

famous artists

In this article, we’ll explore how Loudly Text-to-Music works and how you can use it to create AI song covers effortlessly.

voice model

Understanding Loudly Text-to-Music

favorite songs

Loudly Text-to-Music is an AI-powered platform that generates music based on written text input.

Users simply type lyrics, poems, or other text into the platform, and its advanced algorithms analyze the content to create corresponding melodies, harmonies, and arrangements with available ai voice model.

Reignite your love for your favorite artists such as Taylor Swift by reconnecting with the enchantment of AI music covers.

game changer

The result is a fully-produced own music track that brings the written text to life in a unique and engaging way.

How to Use Loudly Text-to-Music for AI Cover Song

Input Text

fine tune

Begin by typing the lyrics or text you want to transform into a song into the Loudly Text-to-Music platform. You can use any existing song lyrics or write original content specifically for your AI song cover.


famous voices

Once you’ve inputted your text, Loudly Text-to-Music offers a range of customization options to tailor the music to your preferences. You can adjust parameters such as tempo, mood, and instrumentation to create the perfect sound for your own AI song cover.

Preview and Edit

hip hop

After customizing your composition, you can preview the music track and make any necessary edits or adjustments. Loudly Text-to-Music provides intuitive controls for fine-tuning your new song, until it meets your satisfaction.

Export and Share

ai models

Once you’re happy with your AI song cover version, you can export it as an audio file and share it with others. Whether you’re posting it on social media, incorporating it into a video project, or performing it live, Loudly Text-to-Music makes it easy to share your creations with the world.

Benefits of Using Loudly Text-to-Music for AI Song Covers

Ease of Use

ai tool

Loudly Text-to-Music’s straightforward interface makes it accessible to users of all skill levels, allowing anyone to create professional-quality music tracks.


ai model

By translating written text into music, Loudly Text-to-Music enables users to explore new creative avenues and experiment with different lyrical ideas and themes.


original artist

Unlike traditional music composition methods, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, Loudly Text-to-Music generates fully-produced music tracks quickly and efficiently.


legally cover

Whether you’re a musician, content creator, or hobbyist, Loudly Text-to-Music offers a versatile tool for creating AI song covers that suit your unique artistic vision.

In conclusion, Loudly Text-to-Music is a powerful platform for creating AI song covers that offers unparalleled ease of use, creativity, and efficiency.

existing songs

Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a newcomer to music composition, Loudly Text-to-Music provides the tools and resources you need to bring your musical ideas to life.

Understanding Copyright Laws

musical patterns

Understanding copyright laws in AI-generated music is crucial for all involved parties. These laws govern the rights of creators and owners of original works, including music.

Key considerations include determining the originality of AI-generated music, addressing copyright issues related to input data and derivative works, and clarifying authorship in collaborative efforts involving both AI algorithms and human creators.

To navigate legal complexities, it’s essential to obtain proper licenses, understand fair use principles, utilize public domain music when possible, and establish clear contracts and agreements.

By adhering to laws, creators can harness the creative potential of AI while respecting the rights of copyright owners and avoiding legal disputes.

Are AI covers of songs copyrighted?

audio file

Whether create AI covers of songs are copyrighted depends on factors such as the originality of the AI cover songs and the copyright status of the input data used to train the AI voice model.

If the AI cover song meets the threshold of originality and does not infringe on the copyright of the original song, it may be eligible for copyright protection.

With the support of a music publisher, artists can ensure their AI-generated covers reach a wider audience through proper licensing and distribution channels.

However, if the cover song closely resembles the original ai song cover or incorporates copyrighted material without permission, it could raise copyright issues.

It’s crucial to consider these factors and obtain proper licenses or permissions to avoid copyright infringement and legal disputes.


audio file

Are AI song covers legally allowed?

AI song covers may raise copyright issues, so it’s essential to obtain proper permissions or create music and compositions.

Can AI replicate human emotions in music?

While AI can mimic certain emotional cues, it lacks the depth of human emotional expression in own music.

How do I get started with making AI song covers?

Start by researching AI music generation techniques and experimenting with available machine learning tools and platforms.

Are there any risks associated with AI cover song?

Risks include potential copyright violations, ethical concerns, and the impact on traditional music creation and distribution channels.

What is the role of human input in AI music generation?

Human input is crucial for curating datasets, fine-tuning models, and adding creative touches to AI cover song.


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