What are AI Apps?

The Ai app is an artificial intelligence-based program that offers its user help in various areas and topics. It uses natural language processing (NLP) to understand, analyze, and generate answers in form of voice messages, images, and presentations to make user’s life easier, and more productive.

best ai apps

There are a lot of sections on the market today in which artificial intelligence mobile apps help their users every day.

Examples are e.g. learning, expenses management, emotional health, making calls, sending messages, answering questions, calendar managing, music playback, and more.

Popular AI apps mentioned in today’s article can assist you in those and other activities.

Below, you will find ai applications from such areas as artificial intelligence personal assistants, learning ai apps, mental health care, and expense management.


  1. Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is an AI powered virtual assistant developed by Amazon. Thanks to voice activated device control system, Alexa powered devices allow users to give voice commands to their personal assistant.

Speech recognition technology enables her to understand the words, and activate actions associated with them.

What devices is Alexa available on?

Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence apps are available to use on all amazon devices, PC, or Mac, and devices with Android, iOS, and other operating systems.

Some of them use hand-free wake-up word activation, on a phone you will need to push the button, and on a PC activation will require clicking Alexa’s icon.

Alexa’s features

Alexa has a lot of ai powered cool features whose purpose is to make your life easier, and more fun. It can also help you with everyday activities.

  • Alexa smart home – complex tasks at home,
  • Setting timers, and alarms, calendar managing,
  • Alexa shopping – all shopping-related features,
  • Entertainment – music, podcasts, videos, and movies,
  • Communications – send messages, make phone calls, and communicate with others
  • Information – weather, facts, traffic notice, language translation, and more!
  1. Siri

best ai apps

Apple’s Siri is one of the best ai apps virtual voice assistants available on all iOS operating systems. It uses various systems to answer questions, make recommendations, and perform actions.

One of those systems is a natural language user interface in which specific words are responsible for creating and modifying data in software applications.

With a longer time of use, the ai app using machine learning is capable of adapting to users’ preferences, developing voice recognition, and returning with their own set of personalized searches.

What devices is Siri available on?

Through the years list of Siri-supported products was evolving and today Siri is available on devices such as iPhones, iPads, AppleTVs, Siri Remote, Mac, AirPods, and HomePod. All of them are hand-free voice activated by wake-up words “Hey Siri”.


  • Phone and text actions – “Call …”, “Send text messages to …”, “Set timer”
  • Basic information like weather,
  • Facts and quick answers,
  • Device settings – “Turn on Bluetooth”, “Lower brightness”,
  • Internet searching like “find photo editing tutorials”,
  • Navigation, translation, and more!
  1. Google Assistant

best ai apps

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant ai app developed by Google. He can answer questions, schedule time events and alarms, play games, and more.

Users can interact with him through natural voice but it also supports keyboards.

Via googles assistant, you can also access your favorite services like Netflix, or Spotify.

Moreover, every time you use it you can safely dictate what informations are shared with him, and what conversation you want to be deleted.

What devices is Google assistant available on?

Google Assistant is available on lots of different devices such as Phones, Tablets, Speakers, Headphones, Smart Displays, Cars, TVs, Watches, and more. Through all of them, Google assistant activation is done by voice in the English language and many others.

  • Local Info – Weather, Food, Shops, Navigation,
  • Day Plan – Traffic, Calendar, Reminders,
  • Questions – Calculations, Dictionary, Translation, Finance, Internet Search,
  • Play Media – Music, Podcasts, News
  • Fun – Talk to the assistant, Games, Entertainment, Animal Facts.
  1. Hound

best ai apps

Hound is an ai powered virtual assistant developed by SoundHound. This ai app gives its users quick and accurate answers to questions they asked.

Not many voice assistants are that good at speech recognition and language understanding. These characteristics enable hound to let his users talk to him naturally like talking to another person.

Hound understands English words perfectly and gives fast, and accurate results. Using Hound you can find a restaurant matching your preferences, navigate to your place, or call a taxi. All of this using hands-free wake-up words “Okay hound”.

What devices is Hound available on?

Hound is only available on phones with Android and iOS operating systems, and its download is only possible in the U.S. otherwise in App Store you may see information that it’s unavailable in your country.


  • All information and actions you need – weather, phone calls, message sending, finding places matching your preferences, calling uber, playing music, and games,
  • Hound In-Car – Use voice commands in your car to make Hound navigate, or play music,
  • Hands-free with “Okay hound”,
  • Interrupt mode – Allows you to follow up on a question by saying “Ok Hound” and asking your question while he is speaking.
  1. Elsa Speak

best ai apps

Elsa Speak is an ai powered coach who will help you increase your English speaking skills. This ai app is meant for people of all ages who want to speak English more fluently and make their pronunciation much better.

Elsa lets you speak English in short dialogues and get instant feedback about progress from its ai technology. You start by filling out a short test that will analyze your strengths and weaknesses. After that, you can start improving your English with Elsa.

AI coach provided by Elsa will help you stay focused and motivated. It monitors your progress and rewards you for your hard work.

Thanks to its real-time speech recognition feedback you will get immediate details about your pronunciation and fluency. This enables you to quickly identify and learn to pronounce English words correctly.

Elsa speak is definitely one of the best ai apps to learn the English language enjoyable way. The app learns every day, thanks to machine learning Elsa’s self-evolving AI analyzes user’s behavior, and performance and personalizes each day’s learning.

What devices is Elsa available on?

Elsa is available only on phones & tablets and can be downloaded from App Store, or Google Play Store.


This ai app lets you train and improve your English pronunciation and fluency. It has all the necessary features which will help you increase your English skills such as Word Pronunciation, Sentence Delivery, and Spontaneous Speech.

  1. Socratic

best ai apps

Socratic is a tech education company that provides a mobile ai app for students. It is called one of the best artificial intelligence apps on the market.

The app uses ai technology to help students from high school and college by answering their science-related questions and providing educational resources, visual explanations, definitions, and more.

Socratic supports most school subjects such as Trigonometry, Biology, History, Literature, Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry Physics, History, and Literature. It uses artificial intelligence to predict which online resources will help a student.

best ai apps

Teachers and specialists were involved in this project to ensure answers for each type of educational problem. Videos, visual explanations, and more are available for you to find your own pace of learning and take knowledge the way you like.

What devices is Socratic ai app available on?

Socratic is available on devices with Android & iOS operating systems. You can download it from Google Store, and App Store.


  • Solve and provide visual explanations for your questions,
  • Supports main school subjects such as Science, Math, Social Science, and Humanities,
  • Voice and Camera integration.
  • Available on Android & iOS.
  1. Youper

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Youper is a healthcare technology company that takes care of making mental health care accessible for everyone. They provide digital mental health solutions that are giving real clinical outcomes.

Youper’s technology merges psychology and artificial intelligence which help in understanding patients’ emotions, and needs, and recommends interventions.

This artificial intelligence app helps its users by enabling them to have a conversation with ai agent that listens to and interacts with them.

best ai apps

They also provide interventions that help users manage various emotional challenges whenever they need them.

And recommend treatment techniques, especially matching patients’ particular needs in any case.

Youper also offers no-cost services for healthcare providers working in public settings, or emergency services, and students in terms of anxiety and depression treatment for cheap or totally no-cost thanks to The Collective sponsorship.

What devices is Youper available on?

Youper is available on devices with Android & iOS operating systems. You can download it from Google Play, or App Store.


  • Conversational ai agent,
  • Just-in-time interventions,
  • Personalized technique recommendations for specific needs.
  1. DataBot

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DataBot is ai personal assistant designed to serve you. Thanks to natural language processing this ai app is capable of voice-answering your questions and requests.

Its features and services are based on modules that are implemented in its memory. Every module is responsible for specific commands and features.

Databot’s modules:

best ai apps
  • BASIC Module – providing information, tutorials, speech dialogues, presentations, and more,
  • DICTIONARY Module – providing etymology, meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of words,
  • THEMATIC Modules – creating multimedia presentations, web searching, answering specific questions about famous people, and movies,
  • JOKES, QUOTES, RIDDLES – Entertainment,
  • SECRETARY Module – shopping list, reminders, voice search, and more.
  • HOROSCOPE & NEWS – Daily news, and horoscope.
  • BRAIN TRAIN Module – provides everyday brain training through math, sight, and memory exercises,
  • SOUND & MUSIC Module – Plays music and sounds.

DataBot enables its users to fully customize the app. Depending on their preferences they can change the language, commands, name, and behavior of their virtual friend with free, or paid upgrades.

It’s able to understand and speak multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, and more. Depending on the language it is possible to do a gender swap between male and female voice actors.

What devices is DataBot available on?

DataBot is available on every device using iOS, Android, or Windows 10 operating systems. You can download it from App Store, Google Play, or Microsoft Store.

  1. Fyle

best ai apps

Fyle is the ultimate artificial intelligence app providing intelligent expense management space.

Using real time data extraction this app notifies you immediately after making a purchase with a credit card and collects your receipts in real-time via text messages.

It’s easy to use expense reporting app that works in everyday applications used by everyone. With fyle, there is no need to learn anything in terms of using this app.

For g suite add ons Fyle specially created Google Chrome Extension and Office365 plugin that with one click will automatically fill in all necessary information, attach the receipt as PDF, and save the expenses.

Expenses of all types can be viewed in the expense dashboard – draft, reported, and approved. You can also check payment status and card spending information here.

best ai apps

Fyle has many more useful features for companies and private users that want to have all their expense reports in one place. With a clear conscience, it can be called the best ai application in terms of expense management internet services.


  • Receipts – Track e-receipts using Gmail and outlook plugins, submit card spend receipts via text, scan receipts using fyle app, and more!
  • Expense management – Form, mileage, dashboard, split, draft reports, and more!
  • Cards – Card spend visibility, multi-card programs, automatic card expense creation, and more!
  • Approvals – Mobile approvals, pre-spend approvals, e-mail approvals, and more!
  • Compliance – Audit trails, tax groups, mileage rates, fraud detection, and more!
  • Budgets – Budget types, limits, controls, and more!
  • Payments – Bulk payments, transaction status, micro-deposit verification, and more!
  • Analytics – Spending insights, turnaround time, risk insights, and more!
  • Integrations – Accounting, travel, APIs, G suite, cards, and more!
  • Finance operations – Account configuration, Employee data, expenses, and more!
  • Security – Role-based access controls, single sign-on, and Trusted IP restrictions.

What devices is Fyle app available on?

Fyle is available for Android & iOS, it also has a Google Chrome Extension, and an Office365 plugin which makes monitoring expenses even easier!


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