Jasper is an universal content writing tool.

BEST FOR: Long-form Content

PRICE: $24/mo – CUSTOM

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Rewrite your text instantly with our paraphrasing tool.

BEST FOR: Students

PRICE: $0 – $7/month

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Rytr.me is the most affordable tool on the market.

BEST FOR: Low budget 

PRICE: $0 – $29/mo

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Copysmith is marketing-related tool.

BEST FOR: eCommerce and Agencies

PRICE: $19/mo – CUSTOM

FREE TRIAL: Available here


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The Content creation process can be difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming for many people, especially since being busy became so popular nowadays.

Luckily, artificial intelligence comes with help by providing ai tools that can create content much quicker and more accurately than human writers.

AI content creation tools are becoming more and more popular in every industry that needs quality content to work properly.

Doesn’t matter if you are a content creator for social media posts, working a digital marketing job, or marketing industry, ai tools will definitely save you plenty of time by providing high-quality content that is twin-looking to human writing.

In this article you will find out:

  • How to create content using Artificial intelligence;
  • How does the AI content creation tool work;
  • How much does ai powered content creation tool cost;
  • What are the advantages of using ai content generation;
  • Which ai powered content creation tools are worth using;
  • Which ai content creation tool is the best for you.

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How do AI content creators work?

AI content creation tools are based on already existing content which is rewritten and transformed into new, original content using natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) which analyzes, understands, and generates text that is identical to the human language model.

Thanks to OpenAI‘s GPT-3 API, machine learning project AI powered tools are becoming more and more effective when it comes to content creation and imitating human language.

creating content with AI

An author can freely manipulate the outcome of ai generated content by entering personal preferences about what he wants to get.

AI tools are able to do automated content creation for all kinds of purposes and keep the rules of search engine optimization during that.

Depending on which AI content generators you use, in a few seconds you can get marketing copy, ad copy, a post for a blog, or a piece of content that can be published on various social media platforms.

How does the content creation process look with ai tools?

First, you need to decide and choose what template are you interested in. Let’s say you have done solid keyword research and figured out a few blog post ideas.

Using ai content creation tool you can generate each one of them by entering a topic and your own preferences about the outcome you want to get. Then you just let AI do its job and a moment later you got all you need.

It’s the perfect way to scale your work and ensure you’re creating content that resonates with your target audience and ranks well in search engines.

Are AI content creation tools free?

No, most AI powered content creation tools are paid and come with monthly or annual payment offers.

Most of them let new users try these ai tools in a free trial. All the data and necessary links will be provided to you below this article.

What are the advantages of using ai tools?

Artificial intelligence is a constantly growing technology whose purpose is to make common activities easier for people.

Here are some advantages of using ai powered tools to create content:


According to the saying “Time is money”, you want to have a lot of them both.

AI content creation tools can save you a large amount of time which you will be able to spend on different actions that demand a more human approach. For example, you can search for new ways of increasing the outcome of your company or spend saved time with your loved ones.

Money saving

Small businesses and beginning entrepreneurs usually can’t afford to hire a team of few people to create content marketing strategies for them. Instead of this let AI do the job even easier, faster, and cheaper than that.

The cost of AI content generation tool which is proficient in creating content for social media marketers and marketing copy creators is significantly lower than hiring a whole team of people (the cheapest one starts at $9/mo).

Low risk of errors

A huge advantage that AI has when comes to content creation is that Artificial Intelligence is almost free of errors that humans often make during the writing process such as typos, spelling, or punctuation.

24/7 performance availability

Unlike people ai writing tools are available all time working at full capacity. When human needs to take a break from work or find the right time to do something for us AI tool is constantly working, performing multiple tasks at one time and with the same accuracy.

What are the top conent generation tools?


Jasper is an ai writing assistant that can help you write both short form content copy like ad creative, website copy, or product descriptions and long form content like blog posts, emails, stories, or even great scripts for video content.

All this in the blink of an eye because that’s how long it takes Jasper to prepare something special for you.

Over 50 different templates and 25+ languages.

It can be anything from writing your company bio to automatically summarizing articles, and writing descriptions for YouTube videos or social media campaigns.

What’s important jasper creates content word by word so you don’t have to worry about repeating someone else’s sentences.

You can be sure that your copy is 100% original.

Jasper Commands is a function thanks to which it is possible to give Jasper content creation tasks using a microphone!

Jasper Integrations

For anyone interested in his content is suitable for search engine optimization Jasper is an ideal choice. It’s integrated with the best possible tool when it comes to SEO checking.


Right after Jasper generates anything you can check and edit it to get the highest SEO score possible. The whole process takes much less time than writing it all from scratch by yourself.

All you have to do is click on the icon above to make it show you all the keywords you need to outrank your competition on Google search.

Although SurferSEO is a separate subscription it’s definitely recommended.


Another useful integration, Copyscape is an online plagiarism checker that within a few seconds can tell you if generated content is original. It scans the web and checks if similar content appears on it.

Just mark the text area you want to check for plagiarism and click one button to get the results.

20% off if you use it through Jasper instead of going directly to Copyscape.


The free tool that you can use to check your entire document and make sure it’s free of spelling and grammatical mistakes.


Jasper.ai is available in two plans and the cheapest one start’s at $24/mo. Price, features, and number of words to generate are adjustable to your needs.

Luckily, it also offers a free trial with 10.000 words for free.


Jasper is the ultimate solution among all ai content generator tools. For a fair price, it covers all necessary areas in such a difficult industry as content creation.

With AI and machine learning any content marketer, content creator, blogger, etc. can make their job a lot easier.

This tool will be up to the tasks from social media content creation to even suggesting its own content ideas. When you get in there and learn Jasper you gonna have everything you need to scale your content really fast.

A great community and team of customer service agents working all the time makes Jasper a really strong player.

Start with Jasper by getting free 10.000 words to generate!


Paraphrasingtool.ai is an all-in-one writing tool that has emerged as one of the best AI tools for creating content.

Unlike other platforms, it’s not just about rewriting or rephrasing existing text. It’s designed to enrich the writing process by offering features like text generation, a built-in plagiarism checker, and unique audio, image, and speech-to-text paraphrasing capabilities.

With eight specialized paraphrasing modes, you can tailor the content to suit various purposes, from enhancing creativity to ensuring writing integrity.

Its synonym-changing features allow further customization, while the web browsing feature enables users to search and insert relevant information seamlessly.

The tool not only facilitates the creation of unique content but also assists in polishing it to perfection with its AI text editor.


Price is another factor that makes ParaphrasingTool.ai highly attractive to content creators. Its Solo Text Generation Plan costs only $15 per month, the Solo Paraphrasing Tool Plan costs $7 per month, and All-in-one Bundle Tools Plan costs $20 per month. The annual payment option offers substantial savings, making the platform even more accessible.



Copy.ai as well as Jasper is one of ai writing assistants that can be recommended with a clean conscience.

Its features are among others: Creating Content for a blog, Social Media, or eCommerce Copy or Ads.


Copy.ai offers at your disposal over 90 templates in 25+ languages being constantly improved thanks to machine learning. They are also easily adjustable to your content marketing strategy.

Blog post wizard

The tool builds to make a complete beginner look like an expert. This thing will write posts for you, all you have to do is title the post, do keyword research and enter them into the wizard, and chose the tone and goal of the post, for example – “Teach the reader about the raised topic”.

You can add and remove stuff as you like and regenerate an outline. Then in the “Talking Points” tab make sure that everything you want to address to your audience is in its place. After that, you can create your first draft!

Take your time diving into Wizard and create longer, more specific content that is exactly corresponding with your content strategy.


Copy.ai has one free plan(no credit card required) which includes 2.000 words per month.

Paid plan starts at $36 per month with 40.000 words in the basic version(can be increased if needed).

Take advantage of a special one-time offer of 40% off for the first year when upgrading to a paid plan within the first 4 days of creating a free account! Click Here!


Similarly, as Jasper, Copy.ai is a strong player in ai powered content creation tools industry.

Lots of functions and features make it even more interesting. Although the price compared to Jasper is slightly higher(40% off with our offer) this tool is growing competitively.

Get started with Copy.ai

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Rytr is a rapidly growing AI writing assistant that stands out from the competition thanks to its affordability and multiple new features such as an Image generator, Custom Template Creator, and built-in Plagiarism Checker.

With Rytr you get access to over 40 templates in 30+ languages and 20 different writing tones.

No doubt these figures are impressive but in comparison to other ai powered assistants true is that with Copy.ai you get twice as many templates to use and Jasper overcomes Rytr in terms of text editing sophistication.

Anyway, there’s nothing better in this price range and that’s why Rytr.me finds itself on this list.

Its additional advantage is that interface is really simple and user-friendly so it doesn’t need much effort to master.

Moreover, after purchase, you get unlimited character generation and, priority for email & chat support.


As mentioned before, Rytr.me is a really affordable tool. It comes with free(no credit card required), $9/mo, and $29/mo plans. As the price increases as well do the number of accessible features and generated characters.


Rytr.me is definitely the cheapest ai powered content creation tool in the market. If you need ai tool but need to get it with a low budget it’s the best choice. It’s still capable to fulfill your content ideas, fit in your content strategy and make your job a lot easier but don’t expect it to break rocks.

Start with Rytr.me!


The best ai driven content creation tool for eCommerce teams and Agencies so far.

It works best for creating marketing-related content. We have heard many content marketers are amazed by the number of possibilities that copysmith offers.

In terms of the content marketing process, it’s really difficult to find a better option.

If you have figured out your perfect effective content marketing strategy, Copysmith is its supplement.

Copysmith is a template-based application where templates are ai driven content creation tools with each having its own function.

Copysmith has over 60 of them appropriately sorted in tabs:

Note that here you can also create your own custom template.

Copysmith will lead you through the process of writing your instructions for AI and let you select inputs you would like to choose each time you use this template.

Copysmith Integrations


Now you can connect your Shopify store to copysmith and process data to get products to appear in your workspace so that you can create and update their descriptions directly from there!


This integration enables users to create content and optimize it for search engines in the same place.

Google Ads

The intention is to let users upload content directly to their Google Ads account without the need for copying everything from one platform to another.

Google Docs

Get instant access to Copysmith anytime you need help while working on Google Docs. Let’s say you need to write some content, now you can do it without switching between two apps.

Plagiarism Checker

Known to everyone but also by everyone needed.

You can check created content directly from your workspace rather than subscribing to a different tool by simply clicking this icon.


Copysmith starts from $19/mo for the starter plan and $59/mo for a professional.

You can get a free trial by clicking here!


If you are looking for a marketing-related content creation tool for a decent price Copysmith is the one for you.

When it comes to basic features it’s nothing different from the competition mentioned in this article but in the marketing field it stands out significantly.

Perfect for eCommerce and Agencies!

Which tool is the best for you?

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you. We only recommend products and services we trust and would use ourselves.

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Jasper is an universal content writing tool.

BEST FOR: Long-form Content

PRICE: $24/mo – CUSTOM

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Copy.ai is a strong player among all writing tools.

BEST FOR: Short-form Content

PRICE: $0 – $49/mo

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Rytr.me is the most affordable tool on the market.

BEST FOR: Low budget 

PRICE: $0 – $29/mo

FREE TRIAL: Available here


Copysmith is marketing-related tool.

BEST FOR: eCommerce and Agencies

PRICE: $19/mo – CUSTOM

FREE TRIAL: Available here

AI voice generator software is known on the market since over a decade now. If you can only think of any line being spoken by any voice, it can probably be generated with one of the voice generators. Find out which of them are the best!

The content creation process can be difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming for many people, especially since being busy became so popular nowadays. Artificial intelligence comes with help by providing ai tools that can create content much quicker and more accurately than human writers

It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, an online store, or a company website. A pleasant web page guarantees clients’ and readers’ satisfaction and a probability of them returning to you.

The content creation process can be difficult for many people. artificial intelligence comes with help by providing ai writing tools that can write content much quicker and more accurately than human writers