5 Best AI Photo Editors in 2024 (Free and Paid)

ai photo editor

AI technology has transformed many industries, including the world of photography.

Gone are the days when photo editing was limited to manual adjustments and basic filters.

With the advent of AI photo editors, editing and enhancing photos have become more efficient, creative, and accessible to everyone.

The Best AI Photo Editors in the market

The market is flooded with various AI tools, each offering unique features and capabilities.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop, widely recognized as a leading photo editing software, offers a wide range of advanced AI-powered features that make it a powerhouse in the world of photo-editing programs.

With its robust capabilities and intuitive interface, Adobe Photoshop has become a go-to choice for both professional photographers and casual users alike.

Photoshop’s Capabilities

One of the standout features of Adobe Photoshop is its AI-powered automatic adjustments.

Using advanced algorithms, Photoshop can analyze the content of an image and automatically make adjustments to enhance the overall quality.

This includes automatic adjustments for exposure, color balance, sharpness, and more, saving users time and effort in editing.

Another powerful AI capability of Adobe Photoshop is its object removal feature.

Using AI-powered content-aware fill, Photoshop can automatically remove unwanted objects from an image while seamlessly filling in the gaps with realistic content.

This feature is particularly useful for editing portraits removing distracting elements from a photo or retouching images to perfection.

Adobe Photoshop also offers a wide range of creative filters that are powered by AI.

These filters can automatically apply artistic effects, transform images into unique styles, and add creative touches to photos with just a few clicks.

This allows users to easily experiment with different looks and styles, giving their photos a personalized touch.

In addition to its capabilities, Photoshop offers a high level of customization options.

Users can fine-tune adjustments with precision, create custom presets, and even add their own creative filters to create unique edits.

This level of customization allows users to have full control over their edits and express their creative vision in their photos.

Adobe is also known for its exceptional customer support, with regular updates, online tutorials, and a vast community of users who can help with any questions or issues.

This ensures that users can rely on Adobe Photoshop CC for reliable and efficient photo editing.


Adobe Photoshop is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Its user-friendly interface and extensive online tutorials make it easy for beginners to get started, while its many advanced features and tools cater to the needs of professional photographers and designers.


Adobe Photoshop is a powerhouse of an AI photo editor with advanced capabilities, a user-friendly interface, and customization options.

For professional and amateur photographers, Adobe Photoshop offers a wide range of features powered by AI that can enhance your photos and bring your creative vision of edited images to life.


Photoshop’s price is as follows but it also has a free version available here.

Luminar AI

Luminar AI is an advanced AI-powered photo editor that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to enhance and transform your photos with unparalleled precision and ease.

With its advanced ai technology, Luminar AI offers a wide range of intelligent tools and features that elevate your photography to new heights.

At the heart of Luminar AI is its revolutionary AI engine, which analyzes your photos and automatically applies adjustments and enhancements based on the content of the image.

This allows you to achieve professional-quality results in just a few clicks, even if you’re not an experienced photo editor.

Luminar’s Capabilities

One of the standout features of Luminar AI is its AI Sky Replacement, which allows you to easily replace skies in your photos with stunning results.

The AI engine accurately detects and selects the sky in your image, and then intelligently blends in a new sky that matches the lighting, perspective, and colors of the original scene, resulting in a seamless and realistic sky replacement.

Luminar AI also offers a wide array of AI-powered tools for enhancing specific aspects of your photos, such as AI Portrait editing, which automatically detects and enhances human faces in your portraits with natural-looking results.

The AI Skin Enhancer further refines skin tones, smoothens imperfections, and removes blemishes, giving your portraits a professional and polished look.

In addition, Luminar AI provides powerful AI tools for improving composition and transforming the mood of your photos.

The AI Composition tool helps you fine-tune the composition of your images by automatically suggesting alternative crop options based on the content of your photo.


With its intuitive user interface and an extensive collection of AI-powered editing tools, Luminar AI offers a seamless and efficient editing workflow for photographers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to enhance your photos with professional-quality results or an experienced photographer looking to speed up image editing, Luminar AI is a powerful and innovative AI photo editor that empowers you to bring your creative vision to life with ease and precision.


Luminar AI has evolved into Luminar Neo and its price starts at:

  • Explore – 129$ per year,
  • Pro – 156$ per year,
  • Lifetime – 190$


Topaz Labs AI Photo Editor

Topaz Labs is a renowned developer of cutting-edge AI-powered photo editing software, offering a range of innovative tools and features that transform your photos into stunning works of art.

Their AI photo editor, powered by advanced machine learning technology, provides an unparalleled level of control and creativity for photographers and digital artists alike.


One of the standout features of Topaz Labs’ AI photo editor is its AI-powered image upscaling technology, which uses sophisticated algorithms to increase the resolution and detail of your photos without losing quality.

Topaz Labs’ AI photo editor also offers a wide range of intelligent tools for enhancing and refining specific aspects of your photos.

For example, the AI Enhance tool automatically analyzes your image and applies adjustments to improve color, contrast, and detail with remarkable accuracy.

Another notable feature of Topaz Labs’ AI photo editor is its AI-powered masking capabilities, which allow you to make precise selections and adjustments with ease.

The AI Mask tool uses advanced machine learning to automatically detect and separate different elements in your photos, such as subjects and backgrounds, making it effortless to create complex masks and apply localized edits to stunning photos.

Topaz Labs’ AI photo editor also offers a variety of creative effects and filters powered by artificial intelligence.

These include AI-powered artistic styles, which can transform your photos into stunning paintings, sketches, and other artistic renditions, allowing you to explore your creative vision and add unique artistic flair to your images.


Topaz Labs AI Photo Editor’s price depends on the type of service you need and is as follows:

Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is a leading photo editing software that provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for photographers and digital artists.

With its powerful capabilities, user-friendly interface, and extensive creative options, PaintShop Pro is a popular choice for both amateurs and professionals alike.

PaintShop’s Features

One of the standout features of Corel PaintShop Pro is its robust photo editing tools. It offers a wide range of precise adjustment options, including color correction, exposure control, retouching, and more.

These tools allow you to fine-tune your photos with incredible precision, ensuring that your images look their best.

PaintShop Pro also offers advanced image manipulation capabilities, such as layers, masks, and blending modes.

These features allow you to create complex compositions, merge multiple images, and apply creative effects to achieve unique and visually striking results.

Additionally, the software supports RAW photos processing, providing professional-grade editing capabilities for photographers who shoot in RAW format.

Another notable feature of PaintShop Pro is its extensive set of creative options.

It offers a wide range of filters, effects, and presets that allow you to transform your photos into artistic masterpieces.

From realistic photo effects to artistic filters, you can add your own creative touch to your images and bring your artistic vision to life.

Corel PaintShop Pro offers a variety of specialized tools for specific tasks, such as real-time blend mode preview, focus stacking, snap to objects, and more.

These tools streamline your workflow and allow you to efficiently process and manage large collections of photos.

Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR is a powerful and feature-rich software designed specifically for high-dynamic range (HDR) photography.

Developed by Skylum, Aurora HDR offers ai features that allow photographers to create stunning HDR images with ease.

Aurora’s Capabilities

One of the standout features of Aurora HDR is its ability to merge multiple exposures into a single HDR image.

The software uses advanced algorithms to automatically align and merge bracketed exposures, resulting in images with enhanced dynamic range and stunning detail in both shadows and highlights.

This makes it an ideal tool for capturing scenes with challenging lighting conditions, such as landscapes, architecture, and interiors.

Aurora HDR also offers a wide range of precise editing tools for fine-tuning HDR images.

These tools include tone mapping, color grading, noise reduction, selective adjustments, and more.

With these powerful tools, you can achieve precise control over the tonal range, color balance, and overall look of your HDR images, allowing you to create images that truly reflect your artistic vision.

Aurora HDR provides a rich set of creative options to enhance your HDR images.

It offers a variety of presets and filters that allow you to apply stunning effects and styles to your images, from realistic to artistic, giving you the flexibility to create unique and visually striking images.

The software also offers advanced masking capabilities, allowing you to make selective adjustments to specific areas of your HDR images.

This enables you to fine-tune your images with precision, making localized adjustments to exposure, color, and other parameters to achieve the desired result.


Aurora has been replaced by Iluminar Neo mentioned above.

The pricing is as follows:

Benefits of AI Photo Editors

AI photo editing software offers a wide range of benefits that have revolutionized the way we edit photos. Some of the key benefits include:

Advanced editing features

One of the significant advantages of using AI photo editing software is the availability of advanced features that were previously only possible with professional editing skills.

These editors leverage machine learning algorithms to analyze and enhance various aspects of a photo, such as exposure, color balance, contrast, and sharpness.

They also offer specialized tools for retouching photos, removing blemishes, and correcting perspective, which can save a significant amount of time and effort compared to traditional editing methods.

Time-saving capabilities

In today’s fast-paced world, time is precious, and AI-powered photo editor understands that.

These editors come with automated features that can drastically reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks bulk editing them.

For instance, they can automatically sort and organize photos, apply batch edits to multiple photos simultaneously, and suggest the best filters and effects based on the content of the photo.

This not only speeds up the editing photos but also allows users to focus more on their creative vision.

Enhanced creativity

Artificial Intelligence Photo Editors open up a world of creative possibilities by offering a vast array of filters, effects, and styles.

These editors use machine learning algorithms to analyze patterns and trends in millions of photos, and then apply those insights to offer unique and artistic filters that can transform ordinary photos into stunning works of art.

Moreover, these editors allow users to customize and fine-tune the effects according to their preferences, giving them full creative control over the final result.

User-friendly interfaces

Gone are the days when photo editing was limited to artist photographers or graphic designers.

AI photo editing software comes with user-friendly interfaces that are designed to be intuitive and accessible to users of all skill levels.

They offer easy-to-use tools and controls that make it simple for anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, to edit and enhance their photos with ease.

These interfaces often feature drag-and-drop functionality, real-time previews, and step-by-step tutorials, making ai image editing enjoyable and engaging for beginners and professionals alike.

How to choose the best AI photo editing software

With so many options available in the market, choosing the best AI photo editor can be overwhelming. Here are some considerations to keep in mind when making your decision:

Feature Comparison

Look for an AI photo editor that offers a comprehensive set of features that align with your editing needs. Consider the editing tools, filters, presets, and other capabilities offered by each editor, and choose the one that best meets your requirements.

User Reviews

Read reviews from other users to get insights into the pros and cons of each AI photo editor. Look for reviews from photographers or designers who have similar image editing requirements as yours to get a better understanding of the editor’s performance and usability.


Consider your budget when choosing an AI photo editor. Some editors offer free versions with limited features, while others may require a subscription or one-time payment for full access to all features. Compare the pricing plans of different editors and choose the one that fits your budget.


Consider the ease of use and interface of the AI photo editor. Look for editors with intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionality, and easy-to-understand tutorials, especially if you are a beginner in photo editing.

AI Capabilities

Evaluate the AI abilities offered by the editor. Look for editors with advanced AI-powered features like automatic adjustments, object removal, and creative filters that can save you time and effort in the editing process.

Customization Options

Consider the level of customization options offered to enhance photos by the editor. Look for editors that allow you to fine-tune adjustments, create custom presets, and add your own creative touch to the edited photos.


Check the compatibility of the AI photo editor with your device and operating system. Look for editors that are compatible with your computer or mobile device and offer regular updates and support.

Customer Support

Consider the level of customer support offered by the editor. Look for editors with responsive customer service, online tutorials, and a community of users who can help you with any issues or questions you may have.


AI photo editing software has revolutionized the way we edit and enhance our photos.

With their advanced capabilities and user-friendly interfaces, they have made photo editing accessible to users of all levels of expertise.

When choosing the best AI photo editor for your needs, consider factors like features, user reviews, pricing, user-friendliness, capabilities, customization options, compatibility, and customer support.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can find the perfect AI photo editor that suits your editing style and requirements and helps you achieve stunning results in your photos.


Q: Is AI photo editing software better than traditional photo editing software?

A: AI photo editing software offer advanced capabilities like automatic adjustments, object removal, and creative filters that can save time and effort compared to traditional photo editing software.

However, traditional software may still be preferred by professionalists or designers who require more fine-tuned control over their edits.

Q: Can beginners use AI photo editing software?

A: Yes, AI photo editing software are designed to be user-friendly and accessible to users of all levels of expertise, including beginners.

Many AI photo editing software offer step-by-step tutorials, drag-and-drop functionality, and real-time previews, making the editing process easy and enjoyable for beginners.

Q: Do AI photo editing software replace human creativity in photo editing tasks?

A: No, AI photo editors are tools that can enhance and speed up the editing process, but they do not replace human creativity.

They can assist in automating certain tasks, but the creative vision and artistic skills of a human photographer or graphic designer, are still essential in producing unique and personalized photo edits.

Q: Is AI photo editing software safe to use for my photos?

A: Yes, AI photo editing software is generally safe to use for your photos.

However, it is always recommended to back up your original photos before making any edits to avoid any loss of data.

Additionally, it’s important to use reputable and trusted photo editing software to ensure the safety and security of your photos.

Q: Can I use AI editing software on my mobile device?

A: Yes, many photo editing software offers mobile apps that are compatible with smartphones and tablets, allowing you to edit photos on the go.

However, the features and capabilities may vary compared to desktop versions, so it’s important to check the compatibility and features of the mobile app before using it.


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