22 Best Podcasts of All Time (Sorted by type)

best podcasts of all time

In the bustling world of podcasts, finding the perfect one to fit your interests, mood, and curiosity can feel like diving into an ocean of choices. With countless options available, it’s essential to navigate wisely to discover the gems that resonate with you.

Whether you’re a seasoned podcast enthusiast or a newcomer to the scene, this comprehensive guide unveils the best podcasts of all time to listen to in 2024.

From gripping true crime stories to captivating interviews and thought-provoking discussions, these podcasts promise to enrich your auditory journey and leave you craving for more.

Some of these podcasts at the very beginning feel like you are watching tv show.

List of the best podcasts of all time sorted by types:

Among all podcasts available on the internet we chose the best ones, sorted them and here they are:


Best True Crime Podcast

Delve into the mysteries of the criminal world with riveting true crime podcasts that unravel cold cases, explore forensic science, and examine the psychology behind criminal behavior.

Criminal: A Podcast About Crime – True Crime Stories

podcast called

Criminal: A Podcast About Crime” is a captivating journey into the depths of human nature. With each podcast episode, you’re drawn into the dark corners of humanity, where the line between right and wrong blurs. The host’s voice is intense and sincere, pulling you into the stories with passion and dedication. What sets this true crime podcast apart is its ability to evoke empathy amidst the chaos, painting vivid portraits of the human experience. Listening to this true crime podcast is like discovering hidden truths in the shadows—a breathless, heartbroken, and utterly mesmerizing journey unlike any other.


reality tv

Serial isn’t just a true crime podcast; it’s a gripping tale that unfolds like a suspenseful thriller. Each episode pulls you deeper into the story of Adnan Syed and the murder of Hae Min Lee, evoking a whirlwind of emotions—from empathy for Adnan to anger at the injustices of the legal system. Amidst the darkness, there are moments of light, voices fighting for truth and justice. “Serial” is a journey into the heart of human nature, where the lines between good and evil blur, and the truth is as elusive as a ghost in the night. So, if you dare to delve into the depths of the unknown, listen to “Serial.” But be warned: once you start, you won’t be able to turn back.


Laugh out loud with best comedy podcasts that serve up hilarious sketches, witty banter, and humorous observations on american life, love, and everything in between.

My brother, my brother and me – Weekly Podcast with Comedy

new podcast

My Brother, My Brother and Me” is more than just a comedy podcast—it’s a weekly burst of joy and hilarity. With every episode, the McElroy brothers effortlessly blend comedy with heartfelt moments, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Their banter is electric, their humor is sharp, and their camaraderie is infectious. It feels like gathering with old pals, sharing laughs and inside jokes. But what truly makes this podcast special is its ability to foster a sense of community among listeners. Whether they’re giving outlandish advice or riffing on absurd questions, the McElroy brothers make everyone feel like part of the fun. Tuning in to “My Brother, My Brother and Me” is like attending a laughter-filled therapy session, where connection and joy reign supreme. So, if you’re craving some good vibes and a hearty chuckle, give this podcast a listen—it’s bound to leave you grinning from ear to ear.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

interesting guests

Step into a world where the absurd meets the hilarious with “My Dad Wrote A Porno” This unconventional podcast takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the world of amateur erotica written by host Jamie Morton’s father. Joined by friends James Cooper and Alice Levine, each episode is filled with electric banter, priceless reactions, and undeniable chemistry. It’s like crashing a comedy club where the punchlines are absurd and unexpected, leaving you doubled over with laughter. But amidst the hilarity, there’s a sense of warmth and camaraderie that brings you closer together. So, if you’re ready for a guilty pleasure that will have you laughing until it hurts, dive into “My Dad Wrote A Porno”

Personal Development

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with podcasts that provide insights into mindfulness, productivity, and personal transformation.

Tony Robbins Podcast

long running podcast

Embark on a journey of personal growth and empowerment with this entertaining Podcast. Led by the incomparable Tony Robbins, each episode is a transformative experience that ignites a fire within you to pursue your dreams. Through intimate interviews and profound insights, Tony inspires listeners to unlock their true potential and live life to the fullest. Tune in and discover the power of positive change with the Tony Robbins Podcast.

The Ed Mylett Show

best episode

Welcome to The Ed Mylett Show, where inspiration meets transformation in every episode. Hosted by the dynamic Ed Mylett, this podcast is a beacon of hope for anyone striving to reach their highest aspirations. What sets it apart is its focus on authenticity and vulnerability, delving deep into guests’ stories to uncover their struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned. Some remarkable guests include Tony Robbins, Rachel Hollis, Tom Bilyeu, Lewis Howes, and Gabby Bernstein. Each episode is a testament to the transformative power of vulnerability and resilience.


Travel back in time and explore the rich tapestry of human history and culture through podcasts that delve into ancient civilizations, pivotal moments, and forgotten stories.

Hardcore History

joe rogan

Diving into Hardcore History is like stepping into a time machine. Hosted by the brilliant Dan Carlin, each episode brings the past to american life with vivid storytelling. From ancient civilizations to modern warfare, Dan’s narration is captivating and immersive. Hardcore History isn’t just a podcast—it’s a gateway to the past, a reminder that history is a rich tapestry of stories waiting to be uncovered. So, if you’re a history enthusiast like me, I highly recommend diving in. It’s an emotional journey that will leave you enlightened and hungry for more.

History Extra

historical events

Step into the enthralling world of History Extra, where the past comes alive with every episode. Hosted by passionate historians, this podcast is a treasure trove of fascinating stories and insights from history. From ancient civilizations to modern revolutions, each episode offers engaging storytelling and expert analysis that sparks curiosity and ignites a passion for learning. Dive into the mysteries of the past and emerge enlightened, inspired, and hungry for more knowledge.

Cautionary Tales

historical events

Enter the enthralling world of Tales a podcast that unravels the mysteries of human error and the lessons they teach. Hosted by the insightful Tim Harford, each episode is a mesmerizing journey through history’s cautionary. With guests ranging from historians to psychologists, listeners eagerly anticipate monthly installments, hungry for the next gripping story. One standout tale recounts the tragic sinking of the Vasa ship, a poignant reminder of the perils of hubris. Through compelling storytelling it offers valuable lessons for the future. Tune in to be spellbound and enlightened by this captivating podcast.


Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient civilizations, dissecting contemporary art movements, or discovering the hidden stories behind cultural phenomena, cultural podcasts provide a fascinating window into the world of culture and creativity.

Stuff You Should Know

multiple episodes

Embark on a thrilling journey of discovery with the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Hosted by Josh and Chuck, this tv show is like a treasure trove of fascinating insights and tidbits about the world. With their infectious enthusiasm, they explore a wide range of topics, from space to the human brain, making learning entertaining and accessible to all. Each episode is filled with surprises and aha moments, leaving listeners feeling enlightened and entertained. So, if you’re ready to satisfy your curiosity and expand your horizons, tune in to Stuff You Should Know. It’s a journey of discovery that will leave you inspired and eager to learn more.

Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

joe rogan

One of our favourite podcasts, surely there is nothing to introduce you with, everyone knows what is this podcast. Hosted by the insightful Joe Rogan, each episode offers a captivating exploration of topics spanning from science to comedy. Through engaging conversations with fascinating guests, Joe challenges and inspires listeners, inviting them to ponder life’s mysteries and revel in its absurdities. It’s like having a profound discussion with a wise friend, expanding your mind and enriching your perspective. Tune in to The Joe Rogan Experience for an enlightening journey into the depths of human consciousness and beyond.

Business and Finance

Gain valuable insights into the world of business and finance with podcasts that offer expert advice, entrepreneurial wisdom, and market analysis.

Goldman Sachs Exchanges

notable guests

The Goldman Sachs Exchanges podcast is a captivating journey into the world of finance, business, and beyond. Hosted by industry experts and thought leaders, each episode offers a deep dive into timely topics and trends shaping the global economy. From insightful interviews with CEOs and entrepreneurs to in-depth analyses of market movements and geopolitical events, the podcast provides invaluable insights and perspectives for listeners navigating the ever-changing landscape of finance.

What sets the Goldman Sachs Exchanges podcast apart is its ability to humanize the often complex and abstract world of finance. Through compelling storytelling and relatable anecdotes, the podcast bridges the gap between Wall Street and Main Street, making financial concepts accessible and engaging for listeners from all walks of life. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a curious novice, the podcast offers something for everyone, empowering listeners to make informed decisions and navigate the intricacies of the financial world with confidence.

But beyond its informative content, the Goldman Sachs Exchanges podcast resonates on an emotional level by tapping into the hopes, fears, and aspirations of individuals and businesses alike. It’s not just about numbers and charts; it’s about the human stories behind them—the dreams of entrepreneurs, the resilience of small businesses, and the impact of global events on everyday lives. In a world where financial decisions can often feel overwhelming and impersonal, the podcast serves as a beacon of clarity and empathy, reminding listeners that behind every financial transaction lies a human story waiting to be told.

Health and Wellness

Prioritize your well-being with podcasts that offer practical tips, expert advice, and inspiring stories to help you lead a healthier, happier life.

Huberman Lab

popular culture

I’m always on the lookout for podcast gems, and Huberman Lab is a shining example. Hosted by the brilliant neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, this podcast delves deep into the mysteries of the human brain and neuroscience. Each episode covers a diverse range of topics, from sleep science to stress management, offering practical insights and tips for optimizing brain health and performance. One memorable guest was Dr. Matthew Walker, a renowned sleep expert, whose research on the importance of sleep for brain function was eye-opening. Through engaging conversations and expert analysis, Huberman Lab empowers listeners to take control of their mental and emotional well-being. So, if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your brain and enhance your life, tune in to Huberman Lab for an enlightening journey.

Balanced Black Girl

several episodes

Balanced Black Girl is one that truly stands out. Hosted by Lestraundra Alfred, this podcast explores topics like wellness, self-care, and social justice through the lens of Black womanhood. Memorable guests, like activist Rachel Cargle, spark important conversations on dismantling white supremacy. Through candid discussions, Balanced Black Girl empowers listeners to prioritize their well-being and embrace their authentic selves unapologetically. It’s a beacon of light in the podcast world, offering valuable insights and inspiration for living your best life.

Lifestyle and Travel

Embark on virtual adventures and discover hidden gems around the globe with podcasts that share travel tips, cultural insights, and immersive travel experiences.

Women Who Travel

episode features

Women Who Travel” is a sanctuary of sisterhood and exploration, celebrating female wanderlust and empowerment. Hosted by Meredith Carey and Lale Arikoglu, each episode is a captivating journey through the world’s most enchanting destinations, told through the lens of women travelers. Through heartfelt interviews and inspiring anecdotes, the podcast showcases the resilience and spirit of women adventurers, inspiring listeners to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery. Tune in to be inspired, uplifted, and empowered by the stories of adventurous women on “Women Who Travel.”

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

great interviews

JUMP with Traveling Jackie” is an exhilarating journey of inspiration and adventure. Hosted by Jackie Nourse, each episode invites listeners to explore the world’s most captivating destinations through vibrant storytelling and authentic conversations. From backpacking through remote villages to immersing in local cultures, “JUMP” delves into the transformative power of travel and the profound connections made along the way. It inspires wanderlust and empowers listeners to embrace the unknown, seize new opportunities. Tune in to “JUMP” and let your wanderlust soar.

Science and Technology

Unlock the mysteries of the universe and the wonders of innovation with podcasts that explore cutting-edge research, futuristic technologies, and the latest scientific breakthroughs.

Science Friday

dedicated audience

Science Friday” is a captivating exploration of the wonders of science, eagerly awaited by curious minds each week. Available on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts, it’s easily accessible to all seekers of knowledge and wonder.

Featuring a diverse lineup of guests, including esteemed scientists, educators, and innovators, each episode delves into a wide range of scientific disciplines. From unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos to understanding the intricacies of our own biology, the podcast covers it all.

One standout episode welcomed Dr. Jane Goodall, the renowned primatologist and conservationist, whose insights into chimpanzee behavior and environmental stewardship left listeners enlightened and inspired.

“Science Friday” is more than just a podcast—it’s a gateway to discovery and enlightenment. With every episode, listeners embark on a journey of scientific exploration, where curiosity knows no bounds and wonder awaits at every turn. So, if you’re ready to dive deep into the mysteries of the natural world, join the adventure and tune in to “Science Friday” today.

The Naked Scientists

own life

The Naked Scientists” is a captivating odyssey into the fascinating world of science, eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts worldwide. Available across various podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it’s a treasure trove of knowledge and discovery accessible to all.

Featuring an eclectic array of guests, from esteemed scientists to experts in their fields, each episode delves into a diverse range of scientific topics. From unraveling the mysteries of the universe to exploring the wonders of the human body, the podcast offers insights into the complexities of our world.

One remarkable episode featured Dr. Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, who shared her awe-inspiring experiences in space and insights into the future of space exploration. Her passion and dedication to science left listeners both inspired and enlightened.

“The Naked Scientists” is more than just a podcast—it’s a journey of exploration and enlightenment. With every episode, listeners embark on a voyage of scientific discovery, where curiosity knows no bounds and wonder awaits at every turn. So, if you’re ready to dive into the depths of scientific inquiry, join the adventure and tune in to “The Naked Scientists” today.


These podcasts offer fans a chance to stay updated, entertained, and engaged with their favorite sports. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a casual observer, there’s a sports podcast out there for you.

Bill Simmons Podcast

started listening

The Simmons Podcast, hosted by the charismatic Bill Simmons, is a captivating blend of sports and pop culture commentary. With a diverse lineup of guests spanning athletes, coaches, actors, and musicians, Simmons covers a wide range of topics from sports to entertainment and beyond. His unique blend of humor, insight, and irreverence creates an engaging listening experience that feels like catching up with an old friend. From in-depth interviews with sports legends to lively debates on the latest pop culture trends, each episode offers insightful commentary and engaging conversation. The podcast transcends boundaries, sparking conversations that resonate far beyond the world of sports. With Simmons at the helm, listeners are treated to a rollercoaster ride of emotions, laughter, and thought-provoking insights, leaving a lasting impact long after the episode ends.

All The Smoke

worth listening

All The Smoke” is a dynamic podcast hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. With a diverse lineup of guests, including current NBA stars and cultural icons, the podcast covers topics spanning sports, entertainment, and social issues. Barnes and Jackson’s insider knowledge and candid conversations create an engaging atmosphere, reminiscent of chatting with friends. The podcast offers a blend of entertainment and enlightenment, with discussions ranging from life on and off the court to race, politics, and culture. More than just a sports podcast, “All The Smoke” transcends boundaries, sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring listeners to think critically about the world around them. Led by Barnes and Jackson, the podcast delivers a potent mix of insight, entertainment, and inspiration that resonates long after the final buzzer sounds.

News and Politics

Stay informed and engaged with podcasts that dissect current events, analyze political developments, and offer diverse perspectives on pressing issues shaping our world.

Today, Explained

surprising insights

Today, Explained” is a captivating journey through the complexities of current events, eagerly awaited by listeners worldwide. Released daily across popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it’s a reliable source of insight and understanding in a fast-paced world.

Featuring a diverse range of guests, including experts, journalists, and policymakers, each episode tackles a pressing issue or news topic. From politics and economics to culture and technology, “Today, Explained” offers in-depth analysis and thoughtful commentary on the events shaping our world.

One notable episode welcomed Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert, who provided valuable insights into the COVID-19 pandemic and the global response to the crisis. His expertise and candid discussion left listeners both informed and inspired to take action.

“Today, Explained” isn’t just a podcast—it’s a lifeline of clarity and understanding in a world of noise and confusion. With each episode, listeners gain a deeper understanding of the issues that matter most, empowering them to navigate the complexities of our time with confidence and compassion. So, if you’re ready to stay informed and engaged with the world around you, join the conversation and tune in to “Today, Explained” today.

FT News Briefing

first podcast

Immerse yourself in the world of knowledge and insight with FT News Briefing, a podcast designed to keep you informed and engaged with the latest developments. Delivered daily on popular podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it’s your essential companion for navigating today’s rapidly changing world.

Featuring a diverse array of guests, including experts, analysts, and reporters, each episode provides in-depth analysis and context on pressing issues across politics, economics, culture, and more. From breaking news to thoughtful commentary, FT News Briefing offers invaluable perspectives to help you understand the world around you.

One standout episode featured an interview with Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz, whose profound insights into the global economic landscape left listeners feeling enlightened and empowered.

FT News Briefing is your passport to understanding and clarity in a world filled with uncertainty. With each episode, you’ll gain new perspectives and insights to help you navigate the complexities of modern american life. So, if you’re ready to expand your understanding and stay ahead of the curve, tune in to FT News Briefing and embark on a journey of discovery today.

Impact of Podcasts on Society

As a blogger who relies on crafting engaging content to make a living, exploring the profound impact of podcasts on society is both a passion and a professional endeavor. Podcasts have emerged as a transformative force, reshaping the way we consume information, engage with ideas, and connect with others on a deeply personal level. Their influence extends far beyond mere entertainment; they serve as powerful vehicles for education, inspiration, and social change.

In today’s fast-paced world, where time is a precious commodity and attention spans are fleeting, podcasts offer a unique solution. They provide a convenient and accessible platform for consuming content on the go, whether during daily commutes, workouts, or mundane household chores. This accessibility democratizes knowledge, making it available to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection, regardless of socioeconomic status or geographical location.

Moreover, podcasts foster a sense of intimacy and connection that traditional media often lacks. Through the power of storytelling and the human voice, podcast hosts and guests invite listeners into their worlds, sharing personal experiences, insights, and perspectives with unmatched authenticity. This intimate connection cultivates empathy, understanding, and a sense of community among listeners, transcending barriers of distance, culture, and background.

The impact of podcasts on society goes beyond individual experiences; they have the power to catalyze social movements, amplify marginalized voices, and spark meaningful conversations on pressing issues. From true crime podcasts shedding light on unsolved mysteries and injustices to educational podcasts challenging conventional wisdom and promoting critical thinking, podcasts have become a catalyst for social change and collective action.

I am continually inspired by the transformative potential of podcasts to inform, inspire, and empower individuals and communities. Their ability to educate, entertain, and connect people across borders and boundaries underscores their significance in shaping the fabric of society. In an increasingly fragmented and polarized world, podcasts serve as a beacon of hope, fostering empathy, understanding, and unity amidst diversity.

In conclusion, the impact of podcasts on society is profound and multifaceted, transcending the realms of entertainment and education to shape our collective consciousness and drive positive change. As a blogger, I am committed to exploring and celebrating the transformative power of podcasts in shaping the future of our world.

Criteria for the Best Podcasts

When delving into the realm of podcasts, discerning the best among the vast sea of options can feel like embarking on an odyssey of discovery and discernment. Several key criteria serve as guiding stars in navigating this journey, each illuminating the path toward uncovering the gems that resonate most deeply with listeners.

First and foremost, authenticity reigns supreme. The best podcasts are those that exude genuine passion, sincerity, and authenticity in every episode. Whether it’s the host’s heartfelt storytelling, the raw vulnerability of guests, or the unfiltered exploration of topics, authenticity forms the bedrock upon which truly impactful podcasts are built.

Another essential criterion is relevance. The best podcasts are those that speak directly to the interests, concerns, and aspirations of their target audience. Whether delving into niche topics or tackling universal themes, relevance ensures that listeners feel seen, heard, and understood, fostering a profound sense of connection and engagement.

Engagement is yet another crucial factor in determining the best podcasts. The most compelling podcasts are those that captivate and hold the listener’s attention from start to finish, leaving them eagerly anticipating each new episode. Whether through captivating storytelling, thought-provoking interviews, or interactive features, engagement fosters a deep sense of immersion and investment in the podcasting experience.

In addition to authenticity, relevance, and engagement, quality production values also play a significant role in distinguishing the best podcasts. From crisp audio quality and seamless editing to professional hosting and captivating artwork, attention to detail in production enhances the overall listening experience, elevating podcasts from mere audio content to immersive multimedia experiences.

Finally, diversity and inclusivity are essential criteria for the best podcasts. The most impactful podcasts are those that amplify a diverse range of voices, perspectives, and experiences, fostering empathy, understanding, and connection across boundaries of race, gender, sexuality, and background. Inclusivity ensures that all listeners feel represented and valued, enriching the podcasting landscape with a tapestry of diverse voices and stories.

In conclusion, the best podcasts are those that embody authenticity, relevance, engagement, quality production values, and diversity and inclusivity. These criteria serve as guiding lights in navigating the vast and diverse world of podcasts, illuminating the path toward discovering the transformative power of audio storytelling and connection.

Podcasts That Resonate Emotionally

Podcasts that resonate emotionally are like a lifeline in a sea of noise, offering solace, connection, and understanding in moments of joy, sorrow, and everything in between. These podcasts have a unique ability to touch the deepest corners of our hearts, stirring up a whirlwind of emotions that leave us feeling seen, heard, and deeply understood.

Whether through powerful storytelling, intimate interviews, or thought-provoking conversations, these podcasts have a way of reaching into our souls and igniting a spark of empathy, compassion, and humanity within us. They remind us that we’re not alone in our struggles, triumphs, and vulnerabilities, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences that bind us together as a global community.

In a world that can often feel disconnected and fragmented, podcasts that resonate emotionally serve as beacons of light, guiding us through the darkness and reminding us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit.


How do I listen to podcasts?

Podcasts can be listened to on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Simply search for your favorite podcast, hit play, and enjoy!

Are podcasts free to listen to?

Yes, the majority of podcasts are free to listen to, with revenue generated through advertising, sponsorships, and listener support.

Can I download podcasts to listen offline?

Many podcast apps allow you to download episodes for offline listening, so you can enjoy your favorite shows even when you’re without an internet connection.

How often are new episodes released?

The frequency of episodes varies depending on the podcast. Some podcasts release new episodes daily, while others may release them weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly.

Can I leave reviews or feedback for podcasts?

Absolutely! Most podcast platforms allow listeners to leave reviews and ratings, which can help other listeners discover new shows and provide valuable feedback to podcast creators.


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